Teamwork Total Health

What is Teamwork Total Health?

At Teamwork Total Health our staff of State Licensed Medical Providers and Administrative Team acknowledge the importance of taking a holistic view of your health in order optimize performance, recovery, and simply quality of life. In conjunction with Teamwork Therapy & Sports Recovery, where the mechanics of your pain or injuries are addressed, Teamwork Total Health assesses any chemical or biological issues that may be awry by evaluating your hormone health. Additionally, by incorporating vitamin infusions via our IV Therapy services, you will be able to help your body attain the minerals it needs to optimize your health even further.

We stress the importance of collaborating with you, hence, “teamwork,” to formulate the best plan possible for you to feel like you can give 100% in all your endeavors. Balanced hormones and vitamins are essential to not only quality of life, but it allows us to challenge our bodies and minds while pushing the boundaries beyond what we thought was possible. We look forward to helping you in this journey.

Hormone Therapy

What is Hormone Therapy?

Factors such as diet, genetics, environment, and stress can all wreak havoc on our hormones. Weather male or female, you may have noticed changes to your weight, skin, libido, hair, mood or sleep patterns. Perhaps, you don’t have any noticeable symptoms, but just feel like something is “off.” Any of these experiences could indicate that a hormonal imbalance is at play.

At Teamwork Total Health, we meet with you to discuss any symptoms you may have and ascertain exactly what you are trying to achieve through optimizing your hormone health. After a simple blood draw, we will collaboratively work with you to develop a plan you are comfortable with based on your results. Once your hormones are in a more healthy and optimal state, you are in a better position to live life more fully.

A typical hormone panel may test the following levels

  • Progesterone
  • Estradiol
  • Testosterone
  • FSH
  • Thyroid-T3, T4
  • DHEA
  • Growth Hormone
  • Cortisol

Nutritional IV Therapy

What is Nutritional IV Therapy?

Ensuring your body is receiving the nutrients it needs is just as vital as optimizing your hormone health. In the fast-paced world we live in today where we are trying to do more in less time, we sometimes need extra help with supplying our body with the hydration, vitamins, electrolytes and such t it needs to be fully functional. At Teamwork Total Health, our licensed medical professionals can help reestablish the homeostasis your body needs by administering a variety of solutions Intravenously or through Intramuscular Injections.

Nutritional IV Therapy also empowers you to be proactive in preparing your body for what it may need with any upcoming life events. Our welcoming environment, allows you to feel at ease with this process and our staff will make sure you are as comfortable as possible for an enjoyable experience.